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The world's ten most bizarre practices

tập tục kỳ lạ nhất thế giới

10 strange customs in the world

The world is not unusual for the strange, bizarre, even, horrors, many practices now deleted.

Dang Thu discussion about dreams Miss

Dang Thu Thao about the life and journey of Miss Fairy ...

 Abandon dreams to become Miss to get hired labour

Rupert Sanders led the shopping

Rupert Sanders led the shopping

The betrayed wife docile director returns to the role of the man's family to take the time to make the two children - Skyla and Tennyson - go shopping school supplies in Los Angeles on 26/8.

Going to have a "blue moon"

Going to have a 'blue moon'

Astronomy lovers should circle 31/8 on the desk calendar, because that is the day they will have the opportunity to admire the "blue moon" the first time in nearly three years. 

Metro Traffic is the lifeblood of the City

Metro là mạch máu giao thông của TP. HCM

'Metro Traffic is the lifeblood of Ho Chi Minh City'

This morning, during the ceremony the first metro line of VN, Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang HCMC requires implementation on schedule commitments. This project is considered as the turning point to change the transport of Ho Chi Minh city.

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