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10 guests sop of social networking

AT & T, Microsoft, Disney and Amazon are familiar names in this list.Accordingly, AT & T invested heavily with the overall views on the social network Microsoft three times in the first eight months of the year.

Social media (social media) is a tool based on Internet and mobile phones to facilitate the interaction between organizations, individuals and businesses. In recent years, with the development of information technology, mass organizations around the world have taken advantage of this new method to enhance the effectiveness of marketing and customer care.

To find out which companies in the world most powerful investment tools, Business Insider data used by statistical firm ComScore data. Business company ranked according to the user's overall views from May 1 to May 8/2012 on LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, Pinterest, DevianArt and a few similar sites, not blogs.

1. AT & T: 12.9 billion views


U.S. telecommunications company AT & T to invest very heavily in social media. They have 11 Twitter account, Facebook page 6, third YouTube channel, a Flickr account, 8 blog, a LinkedIn page and a Google+ account.

This platform is the result of three years of AT & T effort to invest in active customer management (CRM) comprehensive. This part is to tackle customer complaints about the company on Twitter while the technician does not appear promptly.

CEO of AT & T Ralph de la Vega wrote on Facebook: "I believe that social media will be the thrust major industry in the future. It helps people communicate with each other. And that's what we want ".

2. Microsoft: 4 billion views


Also close relationship with Facebook, Microsoft recently launched social network Last June, the company also launched the $ 1.2 billion acquisition of social network dedicated to business - Yammer.

3. JustFabulous: 3.9 billion views


JustFabulous marketing strategy is based on creating a relationship - one with each customer. Users will sign up for an account and answer a few questions to determine how. After that, they will be assigned to a designer to create your own shoe collection.

JustFab use Facebook and Twitter to support shoppers. In addition, they also use Pinterest to organize charade.

4. Disney: 3.7 billion views


Amanda Grant, director of distribution at Disney Interactive said the cost of investing in Disney's social media is huge. On Facebook, Disney management 267 pages with a total of more than 300 million "like". On Twitter, Disney Interactive has 5 large accounts with more than 3.5 million people "follow". Its YouTube channel has more than 365 million video.

The main purpose of Disney joining social networks is to hear from our customers. And the clip on YouTube, mainly for entertainment purposes rather than business.

5. InterActiveCorp (IAC): 3.6 billion views


IAC is a major U.S. corporation, owns several website names such as,,, OKCupid, Chemistry and dozens of other small labels. On average, companies spend $ 213 million a quarter for sales and marketing, most online activities. Representatives of the company said that because of all of its activities are online, so if you do not invest in social media, they will not survive.

6. State Farm: 3.5 billion views


State Farm auto insurance companies to spend a lot on social media. Matt Edwards, PR professionals of the company, said: "People often talk about us on Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, there is no reason why we do not participate in social networking."

The company has a team of staff and trainees to develop the Facebook page and Twitter. They also have Pocket Agent application on the phone to the car owners buy insurance from State Farm effective channel response.

7. Amazon: 3.3 billion views


Amazon is considered to be the one who comes after in the field of social media. The company has millions of customers and is the leading shopping destinations on the Internet. However, their customers are not really connected to each other.

In 2011, Amazon started with social media director. So far, they have always used Facebook to encourage shoppers, organizations sweepstakes and gifts.

8. Weight Watchers: 3.2 billion views


Weight Watchers is a company providing products and services to lose weight. Strategy to attract new customers and retain their old customers is to create a series of debates on methods of weight loss of stars like Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Hudson on social networks.

Every day, social media director of WW to work with advertising agencies to "develop, maintain and implement the idea, then show calendar events on Facebook, Twitter, My Space and YouTube." The company also has three separate units in charge thought the idea of ​​advertising and marketing effectiveness analysis.

9. Universal Technical Institute: 2.98 billion views

UTI provides vocational services such as electrical repair, car or boat. The company use YouTube to promote the program, reported on the high-achievement students are working for American auto racing NASCAR or notices of upcoming events. This video channel has 101 videos and attracting nearly 289,000 views. On Facebook, UTI also offers games for users to guess students are holding automobile engine parts.

10. Netflix: 2.96 billion views


Last year, the DVD rental and online movie provider Netflix leading separate the two business units discs and movies online, at the same time increasing the product. This has caused a lot of angry customers and turn their backs on Netflix.

However, this year, the company has a lot more active. When the service problem, they used Twitter to guide the client to reconnect. On Facebook, Netflix regularly updated information about the new program. Even a notice on its 6th dark film also attracted over 4,400 "Like".


Ha Thu (Business Insider)

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