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EU received the Nobel Peace Prize in the midst of crisis

EU nhận Nobel Hòa bình giữa khủng hoảng

European Union (EU) today awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions for peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights for more than half a century of existence, in the context of going through a debt crisis.





EU nhận Nobel Hòa bình giữa khủng hoảng

Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Thorbjoern Jagland said announced Nobel Peace Prize belong to the EU. Photo:  AFP

The official announcement confirmed the owner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize is given in the Norwegian capital Oslo today at 11 pm local time (16 hours GMT).

"The Alliance and its predecessor organizations have contributed to the progress of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe," AFP quoted the Chairman of the Nobel Committee Thorbjoern Jagland explains the decision award. "During more than 70 years, Germany and France through three wars. Nowadays, this war between the two countries is unthinkable. Suggesting that, through the efforts of the right direction and building mutual trust, the historical enemy can become close partners. "

However, the Nobel Peace Prize for the EU at the moment is still a surprise, when the cohesion of the continent to face the most difficult challenge after decades. In particular, the rift appeared between the southern region mired in debt and the richer northern regions.

EU response after information received the Nobel Peace Prize was officially announced, President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said he felt "deeply moved" and "honor". European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the Nobel Peace Prize is a great honor of the 500 million EU citizens. Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg congratulated the EU, but also stressed that the host of the award has not yet had any plans to join the alliance has 27 member countries.

With the award of the Nobel Peace Prize, EU will receive certification Nobel, the gold medal over 8 million Swedish kronor ($ 1.2 million). The award ceremony will be held in the Norwegian capital Oslo on 12/12, is the anniversary of the death of Swedish industrialist founder prize, Alfred Nobel.


EU nhận Nobel Hòa bình giữa khủng hoảng

Flag of the European Union (EU). Photo:  AFP

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has a list of 231 individuals and organizations nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. This list is confidential. Therefore, as close to the time of publication, the rumor about the person or organization awarded more and more. Range names capable of winning quite large, however, as of late yesterday, the European Union has gone over the top to get the most predictable.

Famous state television channel NRK of Norway today that the committee responsible for the award going to the final decision, and will be awarded this honor for the European Union (EU) right on 60th anniversary year established the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the precursor of the European Union. ECSC when it was created to help bring peace and stability to the continent has been deeply divided by the war. An hour before the official Nobel Peace Prize was announced, NRK once again confirmed the EU will be awarded the honor.

Earlier, NRK also that the ongoing struggle for personal freedom in Eastern Europe or Mexican Bishop Raul Vera Lopez is the leading candidate, and said there is reason to believe that will only name the only winner in this year.This year was awarded to three women Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, "peace warrior" and is a fellow Liberian Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkul Karman activities of the Arab Spring movement in Yemen.

Chairman of the Nobel Committee, Jagland as usual still dropping hints about who will be honored before the official announcement was made. He only told the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that five members of the committee had a decision consistent and not too hard to achieve this.

In addition to the names mentioned above, Maggie Gobran, dubbed the "Mother Teresa" of the slums in the capital Cairo of Egypt, led the list of people who can receive the Nobel Peace Prize, according to the a betting page, with a ratio of 6.5 / 1. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl or disclose information to WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning is also said to be on the list.


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