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Contact Vietnam Traditional Martial International Festival: The convergence of the essence

Binh Dinh is always suggested in place of each Vietnamese people a deep impression on a land rich martial traditions, with the soul of mountain rivers have forged indomitable heroic temperament, so how glorious area, contributing me to take gold in the history of the nation. Do not know ever since, when it comes to martial traditions


people will think that is the area of Binh Dinh. Binh Dinh has been dubbed "the land of martial arts" and today is home to choose from "forest" around the world in each Contact Vietnam Traditional Martial International Festival - destination of friendship and spirit martial.

Longevity at the same time

Martial arts background Binh Dinh transmission leg is formed in each village units when referring to someone who is not known landmarks such as: An Thai, An Vinh Thuan Communications ... It was the village that helped me to take a spectacular picture of the martial tradition, is considered to be folk living definition exists firmly on the ground and Binh Dinh from ancient times to the present.

Vo Binh Dinh traditional appearance for a long time. But before Tay Son (circa 1600), this martial art also in the form of primitive. Only the Tay Son, traditional martial Binh Dinh to promote the essence. Along with the rise of the Tay Son dynasty, it was built into the system of martial arts, into the examination system, training for the minister.In particular, research and applied strictly, in military service creative battlefield. At that time, in Binh Dinh, where also see the emergence of a school of martial arts. Traditional Martial Tay Son Binh Dinh time to gather the essence of martial arts between the lines, different sects, creating synergy, refined find out the quintessential way to build up, added to the repertoire of martial arts foot transmission of the nation. It is the result of the exchange, integration between the clones and gather many heroes Furious, many martial arts, the famous master.

Potential Vo the Binh Dinh always traditional vitality. Eternal power which has helped to traditional martial Binh Dinh longevity over time. Although, after the Tay Son recession, Nguyen Anh had sought to destroy all the fruits of the Tay Son, but with the power long, traditional martial lived in people's hearts. It is still a secret teaching in the temple or the edge of the forest. In particular, there are many enthusiastic research, collection, communication history book for children in the future. The first half of the nineteenth century, the introduction of powerful martial flows abroad into Vietnam tomorrow is not an inherent essence of traditional martial Binh Dinh. Through the ups and downs, today, traditional martial retains its own unique beauty.

A symbol of the virtues that He Lia character, the peasant uprising leader XVIII century before the Tay Son uprising broke out. The legend Chang Lia with its vitality nature legendary but fully packed quite what belongs to arise and form factors Binh Dinh martial land; same time panorama's the night before the Tay Son uprising.Understood in the research potential is known, before the king, minister, reinforcing forces of the Tay Son insurgent army officers are boxers, martial arts knight high intensity ... The very qualities coated heroes in each person is the decisive factor in all the extraordinary victory of the Tay Son army ... Human spirit of traditional martial Binh Dinh is evident in traditional samurai and human means. It's precious tradition was ingrained in the flesh and blood of the Vietnamese people, including people land martial. In Binh Dinh martial arts is to keep the body, keep, save lives, help others to see their potential. The higher the martial arts, the virtues as humility, often secluded, unobtrusive, pride.

Always put the role, position and importance of education and instilled top of all budo career development of martial arts foot transmission, both past, present and future is the essence of traditional martial Binh Dinh. Noble purpose, has contributed to the overall beauty of the people, serve effectively the construction and defense. So no coincidence that industry Sports Binh Dinh has both a scientific study of the origin and characteristics of traditional martial arts, in order to preserve, celebrate and promote the inherent strengths of a sport rich in tradition. Therefore, traditional martial Binh Dinh always the role, position and importance of education and instilled top of all budo to revive the career of martial arts foot communication, both past, present and future contribute to the formation of new human comprehensive development, serve effectively in the construction and protection of the country.


Source: Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Binh Dinh

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