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Opening Ceremony Traditional Martial Binh Dinh

Takes place at 20 pm, 1.8 at Quy Nhon Stadium, opening the program Contact Vietnam Traditional Martial International Festival th - Binh Dinh 2012 promises to be organized on a grand scale, impressive, charming national cultural identity.

One item in the opening program was approved by the General

Traditional honor culture and history

Under this scenario, the program includes the opening ceremony, parade of martial arts groups and arts programs (scripts: Bui Viet Thanh, general director: Le Quy Duong) consists of three main chapters: Chapter 1 - Binh Dinh - Ancient Lands martial scene stage of "Legendary Heroes cloth" introduces the history of formation and development of land Tay Son - Binh Dinh. In the epic battle Tay Son drum, the performance of all traditional martial essence of Binh Dinh, combining performance with fire, fireworks effects, lighting created a great unique martial arts scene.

In Chapter 2 - In the footsteps of Emperor Quang Trung and the Tay Son movement, the stage scene of "Reverberation of Xishan gas" recreate the history of the Tay Son movement with the glorious victory, was staged continuous 3 items on the stage ad included: Yes uprising (Union Ca dramatic - Binh Dinh hut performance), Rating accounts for Quy Nhon government (in Dao Tan Tuong Theatre performances), Xuan Dai river - Vang name shirt fabric Religion in Phu Yen (Starfish music ensemble performances).

Great scene stage "shake a Men's airspace" uninterrupted staging 2 photovoltaic stage repertoire included: family liberation army (in Ho Chi Minh City School of Dance performances), Rach Gam victory - mango jam (Union general art of Tien Giang performance). Great scene stage "glorious victories land north" staged joint refund 3 items on the stage advertising include: throne (Hue royal traditional theater performances), details Manchu invaders (Nghe An ensemble drama performances), PhD release to Long (Theatre dance music Thang Long).


The opening was rehearsals at 30-07-2012

Chapter 3 - Vietnamese Traditional Martial Male - Convergence and spread the meaning of worship Emperor Quang Trung, one Patriarch of Vietnamese traditional martial Male. More impressive is the scene all the martial arts, martial arts, martial arts and knelt cult ceremony towards Quang Trung monument images on center stage, creating sacred moments between the drums, gongs, resounding gong, in the light of a torch of fire and thousands of candles ...

In this chapter Great scene "From Binh Dinh to Asia" to introduce the development of traditional martial Binh Dinh in particular and Vietnam in general are spread all over the world four seas, through the martial arts co-create scenes a giant flower divided into three classes: Quang Trung monument in the center with teenagers and children - the martial arts, martial arts students Binh Dinh martial arts groups in the country.

Modern staging and spectacular

Rehearsal program opens on the evening of 30.7 has impressed the viewers. A modern sound system, high quality reasonable layout on the capacity stadium served in a large space. Seamless light modern lamp with a lot of techniques to create lighting effects, which are arranged on the stage space and spatial arrangement of the stadium, help the arts, martial arts more beautiful. 8 cluster system of modern LED screens are arranged the stage to show the beautiful images of home Binh Dinh, historical information reinforces the modern, vibrant performing arts program .


Opening program has many screen martial arts

In particular, the opening end of the program, in the air jubilantly ensemble, brilliant fireworks will be shot into the sky from the stage B, backstage, make up beauty extravaganza for the end, and sent to the "International" messages into the on Contact Vietnam Traditional Martial International Festival th - Binh Dinh 2012 vibrant, attractive start.

General Director Le Quy Duong, said: "After the rehearsals for the opening of success, we have received suggestions for additional more complete adjustment. The art opening retained ethnic identity but can be modern, suitable for today's audiences, especially young audiences and international audiences ".

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