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Pink pigeons appear in the UK

Pink feathers of a dove in the city of London led ornithology confused.

The bird appeared in the Ealing area, the City of London. Jean moles, a woman at Ealing, feel surprised to see pink bird on the roof of a neighbor's house on Tuesday 11/8, the Telegraph reported.


"It landed on the flat roof adjacent to my window. It's a dove pink with white stripes and gray. I have never seen a bird like that in the past 74 years. Bring international man French president in next door took a picture of the bird and he had never seen a dove with the same color. I feed it, "she said moles.

The world's only pink bird with the scientific name is Nesoenas mayeri. But they are extremely rare and distributed in Mauritius, where the UK a few thousand miles. This species has wings gray, not pink wings like a bird in London.


Tim Webb, a member of the Royal Bird Protection Society, confirmed that the bird she dove moles that is.

"These foods have high levels of beta carotene and canthaxanthin - the natural pigments is harmless - can change the color of the bird. FLAMINGO hair pink because they eat shrimp. Nevertheless, I do not rule out the possibility pink plumage of pigeons as a result of it fell into a puddle of water containing food coloring.'s also possible that someone has dyed his fur it, "Webb said.

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