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Coast sparkling in the night

Japanese coast become fanciful by the emergence of numerous squid capable of emitting light.





Firefly squid concentrated near the coast of Toyama City, Honshu, Japan in the last few days. Photo: Rocket firefly NewsMuc focus near the coast

Fantasy scene occurs in the coast city of Toyama, Honshu, Japan on 18/8, Roket News reported. It was created by the concentration of millions of firefly squid, marine mammals have the ability to emit blue light, when they lay their eggs near the shore.

Daytime operation firefly squid in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. By emitting light flashes, they can attract small fish and use tentacles to wrap prey. We sat near the water to catch prey when the sun goes down, and then diving into the deep water to rest.

Luminescence in the firefly squid body, with a maximum length of 7 cm, is created by a chemical reaction. Other parts glow in the tentacles and along the back of the firefly squid. Kind of they barely glow to the predators can not see them.


By emitting light flashes, they can attract small fish and use tentacles to wrap prey. Photo: Rocket News.

Scientists believe that the light of the firefly squid to help them find potential mates, camouflage, warning opponents or confuse predators so they have a chance to hide. Firefly squid ink is the only member of their ability to distinguish colors. While most molluscs have only one visual pigment, firefly squid have three visual pigments.We also have a double layer of the retina at the back of the eye. Thanks to the ability to distinguish color ink fireflies recognize the difference between the ambient light and the light of biology.

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