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The organizers Miss Hong Kong accused of "trick the audience"

Ban tổ chức Hoa Hậu Miss wold bị tố lừ khán giả

The organizers Miss Hong Kong accused of "trick the audience"

From the beginning, the title of Miss Hong Kong 2012 will be determined by audience vote, but the end is not so. Miss, crowned runner caught a lot of bad reputation.

The final night of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012, held at 26/8, which was held on the stage magnificent, majestic. 24-year-old girl Truong Danh Nha of the 40th become the beautiful Miss Hong Kong. Runner 1 is Hoang Tam Dinh. She is expected to throne - Chu Thien Tuyet - 2nd runner.

ban tổ chức Hoa Hậu Miss world bị tốt lừa khán giả

Once the contest has started, the organizers made a stir because people defined "one person, one vote".Accordingly, citizens of Hong Kong will be the "judge", decided three highest throne contest via Internet or telephone voting. But last minute, organizers announced regulations on "void" because "too many participants making system voted paralysis". Explanation for the lack of convincing and people were very dismayed with the breach of trust of the organization.

Scandal and bad reputation continues to stalk the contestants Miss Hong Kong 2012 until the last minute, do not rule out the Miss and runner.

Miss Truong Danh Nha of the accused had an abortion with a foreign boyfriend. Not only that, she is rumored to have good academic results do not favor the relationship of mother to apply for a job. However, to answer the media, the name of the Government. She said: "I learned very well. I once asked a fellow Canadian and broke up over a year, all the rumors are false".


ban tổ chức Miss HongKong bị tố lừa khán giả

1st runner Hoang Tam Dinh suspected "go back" to the lack of receipt of money or gifts from the rich. Her image was considered "not nice" regular enlarged tobacco Pheo. Temporarily suspend also denies all hours. 1st runner-up said: "I don't smoke. Money or gifts are for my father ".

The final night of Miss Hong Kong 2012 with the appearance of many celebrities in the entertainment lane Hong Kong. In addition Luu Duc Hoa, Luu Gia Linh in the composition of the jury, there is "beautiful woman" Trieu Nha Chi, Miss Chinese International 2009 Cau Van Tue, actress Hanh Ho Nhi ...

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