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Dang Thu discussion about dreams Miss

Dang Thu Thao about the life and journey of Miss Fairy ...

 Abandon dreams to become Miss to get hired labour

>Khách sạn ở tại Quy Nhơn

To Miss a dream from my childhood. Since childhood, I have been aware of her beauty. The people around me often broth: "Thao beautiful, then go Miss choking"..

I watch TV, see photos of Miss crown, beautiful as a princess in the fairy tale. I - a little girl born in Bac Lieu - still my dream will one day be crowned.

Last year the high school level, I was not confident in her beauty. My family is well off peacefully, suddenly the waves arrived.

The businesses of the three difficulties, he had diabetes. She is familiar with the housework now have to worry about making money to feed three, and my brothers.

She sold the home, bought a smaller house to pay for treatment for three. It was the gloomy months.

I have a psychological impact, not retain students good results as before. At my moon flowers bloom, but not his sense of beauty. I saw that dream luxury real contest in this situation. I think the most practical thing now is to go to work.

Graduate from high school, the family has no money to pay for my college tuition. I ask my mother for a year get the money to pay tuition fees for the next year. At first I was training up.

I see Mr Dang Hung, famous makeup artist in Can Tho. They saw me, he Hung recommend contests.

He also was the one who discovered and Training Bui Thi Diem became Miss Vietnam Women through photographs. But then I'm not aware of her beauty, I think its very normal. I decided to go to work.

I Can Tho city, to sell cosmetics in the supermarket. Make this work, I often have lipstick plastered chalk up for customers to try. Thin I fear white skin and his will be all kinds cosmetic damage should leave, please sell the coffee and beverages.

In a short time, I learned how to prepare more than 100 drinks. But tired body, standing 8 hours a day, sore limbs. Whenever I came home from work, I'm tired, can not concentrate on my studies.

I phoned my mother: "Mom, I can take care of you learned?". She said: "I will try to not lose." I began the study days, no longer be the discrete to foot in a café.

Not be allowed to fall

Accommodation in student life away from home for my lack enough surface parts store squeeze every penny, knowing that the money you are spending Mother's sweat soaked.

I eat dirt and live in a shabby room hire six hundred thousand a month. Someone said: "Beautiful, extreme crime, just love a giant will spend Lang, in the villa, there are buses to pick up."

Since childhood, I have been carefully educated parents. I live around people who get things done just by their effort. I like the verse: we hand make all / rocky very people also rice.


Thu Thao in graceful Ao Dai

In the past, I live surrounded by my parents, very impartial. But having family event, many people turn away.

The back helped me understand that I have to try harder to be a good girl, are not allowed to make mistakes. The date went to work in the city did I know your labor, your money.

My previous life as sub-directory, now buy something also to think again, now to put down. She sent 2 million a month, I told her to send small portions, to pre-treatment for three.

The students went on dates, sometimes Miss crowned image of the dream. A friend advised: "Thao Hung hear him, Miss. Bui Thi Diem after becoming Miss lived very happy. "

Mr. Hung also encouraged me. Something very natural, I feel beautiful. I, the beautiful Mekong Delta. And achieve recovery Flowers in the joy of family and relatives.

Many people in my home watching TV jumped up cheered when I won the U.S. recovery. Their joy My tears spilled. And I take a step further: Miss Vietnam.

Master Hung took me to Ho Chi Minh City to meet Vo Thi Xuan Trang - Rector Jonhn Robert Powers - a school specializing in personal development programs. Here I learned the skills that a beauty needs, from walking to communicate tiep.Thay Hung paid for my school fees.She reduced tuition and invited me to eat at home she did not get the money, at school buses to pick up. She injured my circumstances, did not want me to live in ramshackle houses strange and many temptations in HCMC. These days in her house, I never once left the house in the evening.

Do not stop trying and loving

I Da Nang contest Miss Vietnam. Master Hung and three more come along to help me about makeup.

The owner of a fashion shop in Saigon Give your outfit because they my character. I feel lucky to be much help, himself later to try to have something to repay them.

I will not join showbiz but would like to establish good relations with individuals and businesses to be able to launch many charitable programs. For me, becoming Miss to always try to improve in the public eye. "

In Da Nang, I have meaningful day with the other contestants, though intensive training and competition schedule. It is often said in the beauty pageant, competition is fierce, but we live with each other on foot. The you nice compliment me, told me that candidate.


Someone said my somewhat fragile beauty, lady. I thin, natural lady, not deliberately show it. But my character is not weak, I will be stronger in the defining moment of his life.

Before the finale, I lose two pounds. And I dreamed I was in the finale. What happens in my dreams often opposed to real life.

Finale. The contestants are mostly parents and relatives to cheer. My father was sick, distant mother not to be, but I feel like the whole country is with you.

I was crowned Miss Vietnam in bright light stage and vibrant fireworks, lens camera. I feel like I'm in a dream. The dream was crowned Miss come true.

Coronation minutes, I thought about his grandfather. Foreign advanced age that long since I have not been able to visit. I think of the naive people in their own country, sure they are shouting in front of the TV. They are proud to be the first time a western girl crowned Miss Vietnam.

I became Miss and want this crown will help you to do good deeds. I do not think Miss charity to jewelry which is, of course, because they are not only beautiful outside but also beautiful soul.

And beauty must always travel with kindness. I have tender hearts - friends say so. Qout my personal favorites: Life is not stop falling in love and trying.


Moments crowned Miss Vietnam 2012

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