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Cho Huyen fermented pork roll

Cho Huyen Fermented pork roll is a famous speciality of Binh Dinh that has been in poetry – “Welcome to my hometown Vinh Thanh to eat Cho Huyen Fermented pork roll and watch Tuong drama.” Over centuries, Cho Huyen Fermented pork roll not only survives but develops more powerfully than before. Cho Huyen Fermented pork roll accompanies with Tuong drama on the land of Vinh Thanh, Phuoc Loc, Tuy Phuoc, which is a nice surprise as this small village is home to two famous things:

Huynh De Crab

Visiting Quy Nhon, visitors can easily find a restaurant to enjoy seafood specialties, the most notable of which is the Huynh De crab. This kind of crab is only in waters from Quang Ngai to Binh Dinh and is proclaimed as the king of crabs because of its unique characteristics. Its shell is thick and hard and has yellow colour as the king's coat, with tiny thorns along the body. The white meat has sweet, salty flavor.

Banh Xeo

Another dish worthy to try is the famous "Banh xeo". Unlike the little Banh Xeo in Hue, or the wide xeo cake in the South, "Banh Xeo" in Binh Dinh has moderate size with all the essence of heaven and earth. Some people say that the origin of "Banh Xeo" is from Binh Dinh.

Noodle with blended fish in Quy Nhon

(Bun Ca by Vietnamese). The taste of a bowl of noodles with blended fish in Quy Nhon is quite different from that in Nha Trang. Despite of the difference, both are very delicious. In the culinary diversity of the Vietnamese, noodles with blended fish is not as dominant as Pho, beef noodle..., but it is very suitable with the modest character of people living near the sea. Hidden behind the quietness and modesty are all characters of the sea, characters of those who cook each bowl of noodles.


It Cake made with la gai

It Cake made with la gai is the very special cake of Binh Dinh. Its shape is very special. Looking at some cakes in the disk, we may imagine them the ancient Egyptian pyramid located in the desert. The cake has cone shape, square bottom, sharp edge pointed up to the top under the vision of an artist. With the eyes of ordinary people, it look like the bud of a young girl.

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