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Phở (Noodle soup)

“Phở by Vietnamese” is the traditional and the most popular in Viet Nam. The most renowned dish of “phở bò”-Vietnamese beef noodle soup.

A bowl of “phở nước” consist of “Bánh phở” which has been plunged into boiling water for a short time, sweet broth made of long-simmered ox bones (chicken bones, in the south of Viet Nam), sliced meat (beef, chicken ), all topped with onions. The dish is accompanied with lime, chili-garlic vinegar. Almost, Some people love to enjoy “Phở” with some “quẩy”-fried bread sticks. Meanwhile, people living in the south or middle south an north usually have “Phở” together with a number of raw vegetables like Vietnamese basil, coriander, mung bean sprout, ring onion soaked in vinegar and a bowl of flat broth served to order. “Phở nước” is preferred to be served hot.


                                                                                                        Viet Nam noodle with beef



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