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Huynh De Crab

Visiting Quy Nhon, visitors can easily find a restaurant to enjoy seafood specialties, the most notable of which is the Huynh De crab. This kind of crab is only in waters from Quang Ngai to Binh Dinh and is proclaimed as the king of crabs because of its unique characteristics. Its shell is thick and hard and has yellow colour as the king's coat, with tiny thorns along the body. The white meat has sweet, salty flavor.

According to the old local fishermen, once upon a time, on excursions on beautiful waters, the king saw fishermen catch strange crabs with strange red cell and look like turtles, so he tried this kind of crab. Finding this crab delicious and  good for health, he asked the local people to offer this kind of crab to the palace. Since then. It was called Huynh De Crab (King Crab). This crab can be processed as: steamed, baked, roasted with tamarind or with salt ... but the best and easiest way to make is to steam with salt and green chili pepper or to boil then process as porridge. What wonderful it is to enjoy Huynh de crab, listening to the whispering sound of the waves and breathing the salty taste of the sea air or sitting in an elevated position looking at the vast sea .


Huynh De Crab - Quy Nhon Binh Binh Specialities

Going along Xuan Dieu street, visitors will easily find successive seafood restaurants. With different styles, restaurants serving all ages can be included as 114, Hainam, Bay Hoa, Hoang Huy restaurant .. and some others scattering in the city center as: Cung Dinh, Binh Duong, Hoang Hau, Anh Nhat Gia Vien, Hoa Hoa floating restaurant.


After trying Huynh de crab in Cung Dinh restaurant in Seagull Hotel, Ms. Tran Thi Ha, a tourist from Gia Lai said that was the first time she has enjoyed this dish and she found it so delicious, but the price is very reasonable. If I had more chances to arrive in Quynhon city, the first dish I call would be Huynh de crab steamed with salt pepper.

Seaside specialties are often served in restaurants along Xuan Dieu Street, Noi Bo Street, or along Ha Thanh River. Tourists will enjoy and explore the familiar king crab of the indigenous people here in simple but interesting style. It would be a great idea to enjoy Huynh de crab in front of the ocean with the cool sea breeze around coconut tree and winds whispering like a sweet symphony.


If the guests have intention to catch Huynh de crab with fishermen in the Quy Nhon Sea, please contact the fishermen or the Travel agents here. The trip starts in the early morning, you will have chances to watch the sunrise on the sea and hear the waves scraping against the shore. With luck, you may catch Huynh de crabs. If you steam, boil or bake at once, the crab has such delicious fresh meat. It would be interesting for visitors to enjoy the crab caught and processed by themselves.


Travelling to Binh Dinh, enjoying poetic nature and trying seafood like Huynh de crab ould probably make their heart calm, comfortable, thus having more energy for sucessive working days.




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