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Coconut milk rice paper

Binh Dinh is home to coconut trees. The most valuable thing in coconut is its oil. In addition to being used to extract oil, the local people use coconut to make Coconut milk rice paper. This is the specialty of Northern Binh Dinh which is sold along Highway 1 from Tam Quan to Phu My. The copra is grinded into grain or fiber.

It is best to use old coconut - coconut copra now become thick, viscous and white. All are taken on on the pressing table and pressed - that is the coconut milk used to rinse the wheel (other than pure water in a coconut).

Powder and coconut flour are mixed with water to make a liquid used for making the cake. A large copper pot called the kettle with the content of two-thirds of water is boiled with coconut leaves . On top of the pot is stretched a thick white cloth. When the water is hot, it is time to coate the wheels.

First, pour onto the thick white cloth  a ladle of liquid, then rinse the liquid with the flat-bottom coconut shells and sprinkle a pinch of black sesame on the cake, followed by spreading chopped onion unevenly. The pot is then covered with the cap made from bamboo in half a minute, then a second layer of powder is coated. When the cake is cooked, a thin stick made from bamboo is then used to move the cake from the pot and slightly put on the bamboo grill. The cake is dried in about 5 hours.

In the afternoon, the local people collect the cakes and put them in stacks of twelve and use strings made from banana trunks to tie them for consumption. The round cakes look very attractive and is about twenty centimeter thick.

Before use, the cake is baked on the coals. When it is ready to eat, it has attractive fragrance and it can be broken is small pieces for many people to share. Therefore, it may be called the cake of friendship. It is no need to sit on expensive furniture. You can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. At market economic times, it is extremely difficult to find such a cheap, delicious and easily distributed dish.

Perhaps coconut milk rice paper is the dish with many of Binhdinh characteristics - it provides simple, delicious and hospitable.

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