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Hoi Cake with Pork
Hoi cake with pork ( Banh Hoi Long Heo - Vietnamese)  The funny and strange cake name was funny; however, it is a special cake of Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh. It is simple, but delicious and very popular. Several places in Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh have made this cake from generation to generation.

People in the city have the habit of using the cake for breakfast before starting work, but people in rural areas often use it at midday. This cake is made from from rice, served with a shallot and sauce with spicy, salty and sweet taste. It is delicious and healthy, so it can replace rice. This is the specialty of the Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh that both rural and urban inhabitants prefer.


 1. Banh Hoi chao long 

Opening: 6.00 Am - 10.30 Am

Address: 20 Dien Hong - Quy Nhon city. 

Price: 25.000 VND - 30.000VND/ 1 pax


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