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Binh Dinh Tre

Binh Dinh is not only famous for its traditional martial arts, poetic beauty, peace and gentleness, hospitality of the local people. Binh Dinh is also well-known with a lot of good food: tre, Cho Huyen fermented pork roll, Bau Da wine, Banh it la gai... Tre is a popular dish in central provinces of Vietnam.

It still adheres to traditional principles of making from pork and processing with salt and spices as fermented pork roll; however Binh Dinh Tre is combined with different materials such as pork from the pig’s head, thinh, sesame ... that's the difference in taste. Therefore, you will find the excellent taste of Binhdinh Tre, that is very different from that in other regions.

The person who packs Tre also plays an important role in making its unique flavour. After soaking briefly in boiling water, pork is put into cold water to avoid it from being sticky, then chopped and mixed with different spices.

The mixture is then packed under layers of young guava leaves, banana leaves, and straw. It can be used after three or four days. Thanks to the sophisticated package, it can be kept  long for several days, especially during the New Year holidays. Therefore, this is an indispensable item in every household in Binh Dinh and an indispensable gift those who are away from home ....


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