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Quy Nhon, the romantic Seaside city

Once travelers are familiar with the tour of Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Binh Thuan, Quy Nhon would be the destination for those who love the sea and tranquility.

Located in the southeast of Binh Dinh Province with South China Sea on one side and  a mountain in the other, Quy Nhon City carries a wild beauty.

Quy Nhon stretches along the bow, embracing the golden sand beach as a sweetheart. One side is whispering ocean waves and the other side are hotel suites and luxury resorts. From here, visitors can see the green coconut trees swaying in the wind. Overlooking a little further, they will see a blue ocean mixed with the clear sky as pearl.





After choosing a certain place on the coast, visitors can start a trip with poetic Queen Beach at the base of Thi Nhan hill. Queen Beach, which is 2-3 kilometers far from the center of the city and located in Ghanh Rang tourist area, is a wonderful destination. Queen Beach, also known as Bai Trung, is a large beach with blue round smooth-surface stones as eggs of all sizes on the beach. In front of the beach are natural stones, creating calm waters. Visitors can swim, build sand castles or picking up strange stones as a gift to relatives.

High above the beaches are poet hills, where the tomb of Han Mac Tu poet is located. The hill is quiet and filled with romance. Every first full-moon night, there is poetry festival on this hill to commemorate Han Mac Tu, Yen Lan poets and honor poetic talents of the province.

At the base of the hill is Quy Hoa Leprosy Village with hundreds of houses of leprosy patients built over 80 years ago. Each house has a different architecture, but they all give us the image of simplicity and peace. It can be said that Quy Hoa Leprosy Hospital is one of the most beautiful and unique one in the world.
In this village there exists a unique statue garden with various eminent physicians’ statues placed side by side under the shade of casuarinas whispering in the wind


Once in Quynhon, it is so regretful not to  set foot on Thi Nai Bridge. This is the longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam, located in 7-kilometer Nhon Hoi road system connecting Quy Nhon city with Phuong Mai peninsula.

People in Quy Nhon usually go up to Quy Nhon-Song Cau highway once they want to have an overview of Quy Nhon City. From this height,  they will have the view of the entire tranquil picturesque city, the green lush trees, and the blue of the huge sea and clear sky.


Quy Nhon is not too noisy at night, the  whole city sank in warm golden light. The city at night is as Quynh flowers blooming quietly, showing off charming beauty with sweet fragrance. The guests may have a seat in the seaside coffee shop, enjoying the lights twinkling from fishing boats at sea.

The beach is also a fun place at night with the group games such as campfire, tug-of-war, or simply the beach barbeques with relatives enjoying grilled seafood.


Lovers visiting Quy Nhon on the night of full moon may take this opportunity to hold hands walking in the white smooth sand, yellow moonlight, enjoying the sweet and romantic atmosphere.

It is a pity to miss Cu Lao Island, also known as Van Phi Island, which is located near Xuan Dai Bay, Nhon Chau commune about 13 sea miles to the southeast



From Ham Tu Harbour it takes approximately 2 hours by boat to set foot on Cu Lao Island. 


No one knows when it was first discovered, but it is just known that on the national cadastral maps, it is smaller than a greenbean floating on the sea.

Besides being a city changing day by day, there still exists a tender Quy Nhon with breathtaking beauty always ready to welcome you to this region.

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