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Seo Island – A destination to discover interesting island in Binh Dinh

Seo Island is a beautiful island on Phuong Mai Peninsula. Located in Nhon Ly commune, about 15 kilometers to the northeast of Quy Nhon city center, it is one of the 32 potential islands of Binh Dinh tourism. It is rather primitive, exotic and uninhabited. Since the development of island tourism, Phuong Mai Peninsula tour is in operation,

Seo Island is known as a major facinasting tourist excursions in Binh Dinh.

From inland, Seo Island looks like a giant boat reaching the shore. Until now, this island is just a pristine oasis with wild plants and rocks with many marine species and many birds. There are no houses, but there is a fairly large and flat beach with stones of numerous color overlaying on each other. Over time the wave has scraped on them, shaping them plump and being very nice and fancy to those who like exploring. This beautiful and charming beach is called “Bai da de” by the local people because over the years there have been more and more rocks. The rocks here are taken home by many people in the area and visitors as beautiful souvenirs or home décor, ect, but there are still a lot of stones on this beach, which makes it  a unique rock beach in Binh Dinh. About 10 meters far from this beach is a large and cool cave that can accommodate hundreds of people. All forms an attractive  stop for tourists to bath, relax, and lunch.


To explore Seo Island, you can go by boat services of tour operators or hire boats of fishermen in Nhon Ly. If departing from Nhon Ly beach, visitors will pass Eo Gio, Dao Yen and set foot on the island after 20 minutes, but in case of departing from Quy Nhon port, it takes them about 1 hour to the island.



The first impression you may have here isthe clear sea near the island where you can see beautiful and strange coral floors, bottom rocks and colorful fish swimming around. Around the islands are rocks of different sizes piling up which you must pass to the top of the hill.


Standing at Hon Seo, visitors can get a broad view of the sea. Have a deep breath, you will enjoy the cool fresh breeze the ocean offers. From here, you can see Phuong Mai Peninsula on your left and Eo Gio, Dao Yen as well as endless sandy hill on your right. Seo Island is ideal for those who enjoy exploration and adventure. Here you can camp, pass the rapids, sightsee, fish, process and enjoy fresh fish just caught.



It is interesting to admire Eo Gio, Dao Yen and Phuong Mai Peninsula as the giant arms embracing the sea arc from this position. It is best to sightsee Seo Island at sunshine or sunset, because you will see the sun set on the beautiful sea. If you want to stay longer to fish, you can go in the morning and remember to prepare a rod and some bait. Sometimes it is very interesting to catch a big fish.

You can also have experience with fishermen in stabbing eels, catching fish and processing fresh seafood and enjoying on the island.



There are many snails oysters and “nhum bien” hiding in the rocks. When first seen, it looks terrible as its black body is filled with big thorns as the round ball of spikes. This kind of seafood is classified as precious one; therefore, it is cooked by local people and restaurants as delicious nutritious food.


Tourists not only visit, enjoy and explore the pristine island, but they aslo have opportunities to experience and discover other islands and unique sceneries as Phuong Mai dunes, Eo Gio, Dao Yen and some other neighboring islands.



In the near future, several travel agencies together with local people are going to invest and build items such as piers, relaxation huts, fishing places, etc. to help the island become a major tourist eco-destination.


If you wants to explore Seo Island and Phuong Mai Peninsula, please contact: Golden Life Travel Co., Ltd. 43A Le Thanh Ton Street - Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh or Mien Trung Travel Agency - 214 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street - Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh or Dat Vo Travel Agency - 09 Phan Huy Chu Street - Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh.
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