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Van Hoi Hot spring

Located in Cat Hiep commune, Phu Cat District, Binh Dinh Province and about 50 kilometers to the northwest of Quy Nhon City, Hoi Van is a hot mineral spring valuable to the treatment of illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease and skin diseases. This stream is from the low northern mountain, to the village Hoi Van and flow into the lake of about 400 square metres and more than 1 meter deep.

Hot sterile water of about 70-80°C containing about 20 minerals spray from here. At the bottom of the lake jagged rocks interleaved, from which hot water spray up, making the area like a pan of boiling hot water. The lake is in a vast sandy valley surrounded by mountains.


According to legend, this is the magical spring given a princess in Champa royal family to cure her disease, so that stream is called Fairy Stream. There is a clinic built in 1976, with traditional treatments highly appreciated by tourists such as soaking, aroma bathing, spraying in the heat of 38ºC to treat skin diseases, cardiovascular and digestive diseases.

Further to the northeast is the majestic Ba mountain. On the cold days, especially in the very early morning, steam rising forms dim smoke cloud, making the landscape more magical. When it is hot, the fog disappers, leaving the clear water space, so we can see the hose spraying water up from the bottom like the dragons playing  in the water. Around the lake is fine white sand forming an ideal sunbathing beach. 


Being a scenery for visitors to admire, enjoy the beauty, rest and recreation, Hoi Van is also a famous place attracting visitors from all corners of the world for its natural mineral water with therapeutic possibility for many different diseases.

Source: Vietnam Tourism

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