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President of Coca-Cola : 'Investment in Vietnam is still very attractive'

Announced $ 300 million investment into Vietnam in next three years, President of Coca-Cola, Muhtar Kent said that this market is still attractive when people's consumption by 20% of the world average world.

Back to Vietnam after three years, what did you say the changes of the business environment as well as the ability to attract investment in Viet Nam. Mr. Muhtar Kent was born in 1952 in the United States. He was appointed CEO of Coca-Cola in July / 2008 and became Chairman in April / 2009. He is also the Honorary President of the American Business Forum and ASEAN, as a member of the elite group appointed by President Barack Obama to boost U.S. trade ties - ASEAN.

- I've been to the South in the years 1961 - 1962.In 2009, I had the opportunity to come back, was received by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.At that time, I have announced plans to invest $ 200 million of Coca-Cola in Vietnam.And this time, we continue to make a commitment to invest $ 300 million more for 2015.

Invest half a billion dollars in a market so that the Coca-Cola evaluate how the Vietnamese market.We see a lot of opportunities, a lot of energy and the ability to develop here.Time nonalcoholic beverage consumption of the new Vietnam with about 20% of the world average.It is an opportunity not to be missed with us.

- Vietnam's economy is going through very difficult.This affects how the investment point of Coca-Cola?

                                                                              President of Coca-Cola, Muhtar Kent in Hanoi. Photo:Nhat Minh

- Like many other investors, so we look at the medium and long term vision.It is true that Vietnam is in trouble, but this is still a dynamic economy, a lot of potential.Capita purchasing power compared to the world is about $ 3,500 a year.Thus, in the next 10 years, Vietnam will have a large middle class.

Looking at the history of the countries with per capita income of about 10,000 - $ 20,000 a year now, is to go to the destination from the current threshold of Vietnam, is never a straight path.They have to go to that along the zigzag path, should alert investors always have to look far.

Also shared that his strategy in 2020, Coca-Cola aims to double revenue, from $ 100 billion in 2010 to $ 200 billion.This means that what we have to do in 10 years would be equivalent to the 125 the previous year.To do this, we attach special importance to this area of Southeast Asia and Vietnam would be one of the key markets.

- Coca-Cola has announced $ 300 million investment into Vietnam.The money will be used on anything sir?

- Between 2013 and 2015, the amount of Coca-Cola's investment will mainly be used to improve the performance of the plant in Vietnam.Currently we have 3 factories in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.In addition, we will also invest in the development of the brand and the market here.As I said, the consumption of Vietnamese people drink 20% of the world average.Thus, the round remaining 80% of the is still a long way to go.We will also pay more attention to supporting the reseller, which is very important in the Vietnamese market.

- The fact that despite investment in 1994, but it seems that the results of the Coca-Cola business in Vietnam is still little known.Could you share more about this problem?

- At the present time, I can not provide specific numbers.However, in 2011, Coca-Cola Vietnam has two digit growth.In the next 3-5 years, this growth will be maintained.It is important that just like Vietnam, our investment activities are also in the early stages of development, where the main task is to build "infrastructure" development market.

Another important factor is that Coca-Cola always wanted to do things in a way that best suits our country for investment, as well as products to contribute to society.In Vietnam today, we have about 2,000 employees.But every one who makes such direct re-create 10 indirect jobs for the supply chain.Therefore, I believe that the expansion of investment will bring more jobs.

- As a member of the American Business Forum and ASEAN, he said how about the ability to have a large capital flows from the U.S. to Vietnam in the near future?

- Forecast really is not my favorite job.However, based on what I know, most of corporate America assessment Vietnam remains a very attractive market for investment.As well as soft drinks, there are a lot of products can be developed here.Therefore, I personally believe that the future of Vietnam in attracting investment is still wide open.

Nhat Minh (write)

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