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Opening the Euro: Football is fun


4 years is not a long time but in that time, the first 3D film Avatar appears, king of pop Michael Jackson passed away four years ... the whole world can change rapidly with the treadmill face. But four years unshakable love with the ball, with the Euro. Enthusiasm has spread from Warsaw, from Kiev all the way across, rather busy atmosphere

a month ago in the capital of Poland, where the opening ceremony will take place has become extremely exciting. The brilliant colors and lively sound that wraps around to the Ukraine and Poland, two host countries were ready for a Euro term success.

As revealed by director Marco Balich, director of the company Flimmaster Events event, the opening ceremony began just 20 minutes before the first match in resolution between the co-host Poland and Greece took place and pull 12 minutes long. The program's opening ceremony will be a combination of many different elements, but a brief but emotional, full of atmosphere. Beginning today, soccer will become an indispensable dish for each ball round her heart. Outside the stadium, camps for rent fans without access to the hotel because the price was expensive and construction team of volunteers will be available to assist anyone who needs help.

Euro is actually a colorful festival, not only 16 teams representing 16 countries, it is a picture of miniature Europe converge on Eastern Europe for the first time to host the FIFA. Besides the aspects of culture, history, the focus is of course football. There are discernible eager mood of the squad when first arriving to Ukraine and Poland. Evident on the faces of players, the coach was the confidence, pride, they came to the same rhythm with the ball but no jaunt. 16 his account for a great war for the throne and kingdom and glory be only for the best.

Do not carry the stature of the World Cup but for many, the Euro is a brutal playground. There have been regarded as the league table of death, bringing together German, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish. Just hearing it is enough to see the terrible extent of war on the pitch, just a bit neglected, a preliminary drying step will bring disastrous outcomes. But the Euro is much more than that, imagine the world from grave tone round saw British war of France, Italy pitted Spain, Netherlands to fight Germany. The party will be extended for 1 month to bring the sweet taste.

Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Pirlo, Rooney, Ribery, Robben, Ozil, Xavi ... just mention the names alone are enough to make agitated, their passions, enjoy, admire the talent show idol. In Vietnam, Ukraine and Poland away from thousands of kilometers, have been able to feel the breath of football from both months. There will be sleepless nights, the fun will be thrilled (hopefully not losses), the Vietnam also available for the same harmony with the Euro. And so, the Euro is not only of Europe.
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