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Phở (Noodle soup)

“Phở by Vietnamese” is the traditional and the most popular in Viet Nam. The most renowned dish of “phở bò”-Vietnamese beef noodle soup.

Binh Dinh Tre

Binh Dinh is not only famous for its traditional martial arts, poetic beauty, peace and gentleness, hospitality of the local people. Binh Dinh is also well-known with a lot of good food: tre, Cho Huyen fermented pork roll, Bau Da wine, Banh it la gai... Tre is a popular dish in central provinces of Vietnam.

Oyster in Bai Xep - Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

It is very easy for guests to enjoy oysters in Bai Xep, Quy Nhon Binh Dinh: just a handful of burned straws or coconut leaves, spreading on the rocks;  the oysters will open under the heat of the fire. How wonderful it is to sit on a rock, eating fresh oysters. Bai Xep is about 6 km to the south of Quy Nhon. The distance is not far, but just a few people come here perhaps because of the modest silence of this place.

Hoi Cake with Pork
Hoi cake with pork ( Banh Hoi Long Heo - Vietnamese)  The funny and strange cake name was funny; however, it is a special cake of Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh. It is simple, but delicious and very popular. Several places in Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh have made this cake from generation to generation.
Coconut milk rice paper

Binh Dinh is home to coconut trees. The most valuable thing in coconut is its oil. In addition to being used to extract oil, the local people use coconut to make Coconut milk rice paper. This is the specialty of Northern Binh Dinh which is sold along Highway 1 from Tam Quan to Phu My. The copra is grinded into grain or fiber.

Bau Da Wine

Binh Dinh is not only famous as a land of martial arts, but also famous for its unique cuisine. One of the specialties of the land of martial arts is Bau Da wine. Bau Da wine has been considered by  Nguyen Duy Phong poet asnamed "The best wine" after his on-site visit. Bau Da wine is the combination of many factors.

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