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You would be smart travelers?

Cambodia is a country with many places to visit, Vietnam attracted many visitors. I would like to share the experience for the Vietnamese community to travel to Cambodia

Be awake before the call attractive. There are many travel companies offer the invitation, promotion is very attractive, but be careful before you decide. You need to consult reputable companies, brands and consult friends who have been to Cambodia before his selection for a suitable trip.

The attractions that you should visit the palace when Cambodia is Phnom Penh, Tonle Sap, architectural Angkor (Siem Reap), port city Shihanoukville ... If want a long tour with participation needs tourist office and go southeast to northwest direction from Phnom Penh along the river Tonle Sap to Siem Reap. If you want to go then go to the port city resort Shihanoukville southeast, where wild and peaceful neighborhoods beautiful French architectural styles. Do not be too hasty to visit multiple locations so that when there is little impression other than the photos and souvenirs expensive, slowly, slowly, listening to instructors lecture, explore the ruins, traditional cuisine of Cambodia ... to experience and enjoy the unique culture of the Khmer.

Careful and alert in all circumstances. When the border, there will be a lot of Vietnamese, Cambodians Classified exchange Vietnamese into Cambodia for less money or sometimes guides who also hooked up with the "trigger" change money here. However, in my experience, when in Cambodia, usually $ money is used more commonly, some places they also accept free money. Therefore, if necessary, change to the U.S. dollar in Vietnam to avoid trouble.

Be smart about shopping, especially the girls. Must say that Cambodia is an open market, products from Thailand, China, Singapore, USA, Japan ... full of shops, supermarkets with a variety of species from the "yellow upper to lower bran ". So, please consider carefully before buying, because sometimes this product in Vietnam with lower prices. While shopping, one thing to remember, is to pay a very low price can. In Group I, there is a sister post in District 5, when come here find something to buy. At the night market in Siem Reap, show it to my sister just bought a silver ring for $ 10 after paying $ 12. The next morning, another sister was also accidentally buy a similar ring for only $ 2 (!?).


If you are not fluent in English, do not worry because the Cambodian people speak English. In this country, the Vietnamese people living very crowded, they owned many restaurants, famous restaurants. Please try the food here, because they do not taste the Vietnamese was little. In particular, you do not rush while shopping in Siem Reap, because on the way home, at the bus stop is also no shortage of goods for you to choose. Cambodian specialties such as fish sauce, jaggery, grilled seafood dishes ... Private lake catfish is considered a fresh seafood and delicious (if you want to bring to Vietnam, the boxed package carefully.

Your trip will be truly meaningful and interesting to bring not only personal items and money, but also the skills necessary for a long journey. Let Cambodia tourist to enjoy and experience those skills.


Tran Van Nhan

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