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Host China won the Miss Word 2012

Two runner-up titles in turn belongs to the beautiful Welsh - Sophie molds (1st runner-up) and represented Australia - Jessica Kahawaty (second runner).

Vu Van Ha brought to China the second Miss World crown in history. 23-year-old girl crowned moments, one can not help but remember the moment Zhang Zi Lin highest throne in 2007. Also long hair, parted to let loose deviation; well blue dress, fishtail skirt slender, the tall and slender, Van Ha image actually repeated of DIY 5 years ago. However, compared to the beauty and glow on her face, Miss far less beautiful family field. Therefore, the same throne at home, but the victory of Zhang Zi Lin seems more convincing.


Moment of coronation of Miss

Miss height of 1.77 m, from Heilongjiang province, graduated from university and is pursuing her modeling career.She noted at the beginning of the competition and always among the top candidates for Miss. But Van Ha beauty not brilliant really stand out. She has sad eyes and skin smooth. However, the beautiful host of impressive achievements in the side test. She made the top 10 Miss Sea, Miss Super Model and top 5 Miss Talent.

In oratory contest, with questions common to all seven candidates: "According to you, Miss World 2012 should have these qualities?", Vu Van Ha said: "I feel lucky, from small to large, I was much help. Therefore, I want to become Miss World to have the opportunity to help others. "

Vu Van Ha is a beautiful coronation Saturday at home. Host fifth victory belongs to England and 2 times belong to China. In recent years, China is the host of the public familiar Miss World. Miss World has 6 times took place in this country.


Miss Wales win the Beach Fashion

Is expected to win the Miss World, but Sophie molds - girl with blue eyes identical to Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova and style of Princess He Kate Milddleton - just a second location. Before that, she won prizes Miss Sea and in the top 10 Miss Empathy. In the rhetorical construction, Sophie said: "I believe this contest is an opportunity for us to create positive change for the world. If you became Miss World, I will work hard every day to make sure the significance of this competition is maintained. "

Runner 2 Jessica Kahawaty also a prominent face in the first place, even before Inner Mongolia, she criticized the country's public opinion than national costume odd. Jessica pretty old, but she has a beautiful body and face charisma very impressive.

Top 7 contest are: Jamaica, the Republic of South Sudan, India, Brazil. The girls quickly entered the implementation to deal with the general question: "In your opinion, Miss World 2012 should have these qualities?".

Representatives of Jamaica, said: "I saw Miss World must have passion, determination and the ability to work hard. She is also a model for the sisters. I am keen to do that, so I want to become Miss World. "

Miss Republic of South Sudan exquisite reply: "As a little girl witnessed many tragic scenes in the country, I always have the desire to learn and share more. I want to do everything to young I always get a smile on his lips. "


Miss Mexico series in Top 5

15 contestants in the semi-finals include: Kenya, U.S., Spain, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Britain, South Sudan, the Netherlands, Wales, China, Jamaica, Australia, Mexico, India. Miss World 2012 seems to no longer apply the law to the semifinals with straight contest surrogate when Sweden won the title of Miss Sport but not named in the top 15 overall.

Many beauty is appreciated in the qualifying round but did not in the past, such as: Miss Colombia, Finland, Albania, Hong Kong ...


The two highest throne contest: Miss China and Miss Wales (From left) 

After defeats in the round side Hoang My not conquer jury to the semi-finals by the score. So since HG (2009), Vietnam for three years in a row is not represented in the top 15 Miss World.

Hoang My results consistent with with most readers During the survey took place from 6/8 time published the top 15 Miss World on 18/8, more than 47% of the more than 9000 readers guess white will represent Vietnam at the Miss World competition hands. Approximately 17% of the vote hope she reached the top 15. But in the end, the majority opinion was right.

Beauty won the second runner said: "The competition is an opportunity for me to participate in fundraising activities. Miss World must have compassion, cooperation with the organization. I'ma like that. "

After 1 month of convergence in Ordos, China, the world's 116 most brilliant beauty into the finale takes place from 19:30 am (local time) on 18/8. This is the winter Miss World contestants in history. The opening night of competition with colorful performances of the dancers host country. More than 100 gorgeous girls came out in the evening gown and smile greet the audience. The beauties were divided into top, appear interspersed with colorful repertoire of dance culture of Inner Mongolia. The last of the top contestants stepped onto the stage, a representative of Vietnam Vu Hoang My is quite outstanding with bright green dress. Do not pass to the next round for, Hoang My not have a chance to show off all her evening dresses prepared for the competition.


Hoang My brilliant blue dress

After the greeting of the beautiful people, the organizers announced a short tape recorded conversations between impression of Miss World contestants and judges. Mrs. Julia Morley, Chairman of Miss World - said: "We had two rounds of interviews. I am very impressed by the contestants not only beautiful but also very intelligent human being."

The position of the main MC of the final year is the American actor Jason Cook, who led the successful Miss World 2011 and the British singer Myleene Klass. In addition, on stage with 2 MC native and representatives of the organizers - keep the tasks information about the contestants in the final transcript - which began to be applied from Miss World 2011.


Miss World is home to the world's most beautiful people

Transcripts began to change. Vu Hoang My name in top 30 contestants peak.

After 1 month of convergence in Ordos, China, the world's 116 most brilliant beauty into the finale takes place from 19:30 am (local time) on 18/8. Represent Vietnam at this contest is Vu Hoang My.


The prizes Miss World 2012

1. Miss Top Model: South Sudan

2. Solution Miss Beach: Wales.

3. Awards Miss Communication: India

4. Awards Miss Sports: Sweden.

5. Prize Miss Talented: China.

6. Miss Purpose Prize: India


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