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Vietnamese girls become the "King of Chefs"

Vietnamese girl was be of small stature blind Christine Ha became the champion of the reality television program American chef King third season last night. alumni She blinds University of Houston won before Josh Marks , a military expert from the state of Mississippi, to become the owner of the $ 250,000 prize, a contract written cookbooks and prestigious trophy Master Chef.

In the final round of the King Chef America last night, both candidates are required to complete three dishes for two hours. Josh Marks funding cooking butter poached lobster with sweet corn, lamb curry spiced lamb served with some sort of spring vegetables; and baked bread made from the walnuts peecan nuts and bacon . The judges praised him about the difficulty of the dish, however, they feel frustrated about for steam shrimp also live lobster.

Christine Ha's menu includes Thai papaya mannequin with crab and salad; braised pork served with rice, vegetables with mushrooms and an egg; final dessert is ice cream flavor combination of coconut and ginger.English blind girl described his meal as "a symphony of taste". According to People, the cuisine of Ha are highly nutritional balance and perform flawlessly.

Chron News said presenter cum celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay commented that Ha "play their best."


The judges announced Christine winner, in the competition that the end result is considered as the most difficult ever.

"I can not believe I'm MasterChef", Christine Ha tears back, said after receiving the winner. "This is the most amazing experience of my life. Following the difficulties were over, I grew up having this great cooking ... My dream has come true".


Christine Ha, 33, a former student of the University of Houston, and is a well-known blogger about food. She gradually lost the ability to sight at the age of 19 due to rare autoimmune disease called neuromyelitis optica. This disease affects the nervous system damage eyes. Ha said that initially decreased vision in one eye, can not be recovered, and then spread to the second eye. She gradually learned how to "see" without eyes, use a cane, or grab someone's hand to lead the way.

But 10 years Christine Ha can dig around, managed to cook without much help.

"I have to rely on other senses when cooking - taste, smell, feel for the flavor," she told People magazine. "I have acquired a piece of meat nearly nine by feeling it on your hands or utensils".

"It's hard not to look at food. I estimate through smell and touch to see if food is fresh or not. When discussing state cut with a knife, luckily I'm pretty careful and skilled knife quite stable. since blind to this, I cut my hand once. Cuts also small. I do not have stage times. Property is through careful, and thanks to the other senses. "

Touching story of Christine Ha careful with the ingenuity and the expression of herself in the competition, who made a judge tears in the first episode aired. When asked if the judges are biased because she was blind or not, Christine Ha confident answer that judges sometimes also blame her not delicious, and she believes that judges fair assessment.

Contest Master Chef season 3 American version, airing in June, more than 30,000 candidates register for the exam and undergo several rounds and rounds of direct competition between the country's most talented chefs.



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