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Bau Da Wine

Binh Dinh is not only famous as a land of martial arts, but also famous for its unique cuisine. One of the specialties of the land of martial arts is Bau Da wine. Bau Da wine has been considered by  Nguyen Duy Phong poet asnamed "The best wine" after his on-site visit. Bau Da wine is the combination of many factors.

It  inherits the sweet waters of the source Kon river incubated from the rocks in Vuc Ba, Nuoc Mien, Nuoc Trinh, Song Kxom, Ham ho... Next is the clever and hardworking people of the " martial land, poetic sky”. Natural value and human talent has made the unique Bau da wine. Bau Da wine originates from the Tan Long village.



Tan Long village is in Cu Lam, Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon district, Binh Dinh Province. In the neighborhood of Long Tan has a pond of Mr. Luu, in which there are large stones. Since people here began making wine and developed their wine business, local people named their product “Baud a” wine.



Over time, people here still hold traditional formula taught by Mr Huong Le from the selection of rice; cooking technique. They do not use industrial yeast as in Ho Chi Minh City and in many other places. Instead, they use traditional yeast as Truong Dinh (Binh Hoa), Ba Canh (Dap Da). Rate of yeast and rice, brewing technique are unique. Water taken from laterite wells, not from soil water wells or cement concrete wells. They do not cook in aluminum pot, but in copper pot, the lid of the pot is from terracotta and the distillery is in bamboo tubes.

Enjoying wine is also a complicated process. It must be poured stylishly. Sip a little amount of wine for a moment, then drink it, we will find the sweet and fragrant taste...


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