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Ham Ho

Ham Ho is located at the end of River Kut in Tay Son district, Binh Dinh Province. It is about 55 km to the northwest of Qui Nhon City. This place of interest attracts tourists because it generates curiosity about an endless string of spectacular unspoiled nature. Lower reaches of River Kut is Ham Ho Stream with the length of 1,000m that is green all year round.

   Ham Ho, or "stone forest" is called by Binh Dinh people as "symphony of hills and water" or "gate to heaven." Once you are here, all words are powerless to describe the beauty of this landscape.


Travelling along the National Highway 1 to the North of Quy Nhon City, then turn left to Highway 19, go past over 5km Tay Son to Ham Ho, a picturesque land along River Kut, wildly and mysteriously hidden in the forest. There are two options for visitors to go further: by road or by boat. By road, travelers can have leisure ride on horse carriage through the path along the river and mountain; by waterwas, tourists have more than half a kilometer floating on small tributaries before entering Ham Ho.

Tourists that swept over a small creek entering the reef tunnel

We chose to travel by sea. The boats of the locals quietly floated on a tributary of River Kut. Clear water flow brought us passing through the coastal shrubs with shadow on the water. Many plants had the bonsai form with vines wrapping impressively. The atmosphere is full of cool peaceful green with beautiful birds’ melody and the oar’s sound rowing along the tributary. Occasionally, a small waterfall or a gentle rock suddenly appears with sunshine through the green leaves, giving us the feeling of calm and peace of a pristine nature.


At the end of the tributary is  Ham Ho - like a giant rockery in nature. The landscape surrounding is majestic with towering mountain covered by rain forest and white clouds floating across the rocks. The still water floats in the terrain. We left the boat, passed dangerous path along the river. The tall cliff challenge travelers with protruding edge, giving them risky feeling when looking down at the foot - where the stream slopes and starts folding, creating waterfall of all kinds. Local people names these fascinating places impressive names as the Hon Trao, Hon Vo Ruou, Da Dung, Thac Ca Bay, Cua Sanh – Cua Tu, Vua Sac, Dinh Suong Mu, Hon Ba, Da Chay...


The landscape surrounding is majestic

Ham Ho - like a giant rockery in nature

The nearer the upstream is, the more sloping the terrain is, and the stream rush intensely. In rainy season, Ham Ho gets water from Da Hang and pours into the deep caves with white foam. In dry season, when morning light shines down, each block of marble gleamed colorfully, sparkling on the water. Climbing over Hon Da Thanh, visitors can see Ham Ho from the height and enjoy monumental nature.

Previously, Ham Ho is the base of Tay Son movement, Can Vuong armies against the French and the revolutionary forces in the southwestern parts of Tay Son district in time against the U.S. Coming here, visitors not only enjoy the magical beauty of nature but also have the opportunity to review the dates of the heroic history. In Ham Ho, they can free their soul with the blue sky, green mountains, blue springs, green trees, greatly reducing the heat of summer days in Central Vietnam.


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