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Bai bau beach

Located along the road from Quy Nhon to Song Cau,  about 20 km south from Hai Huong Hotel,  Bai Bau is one of the most beautiful destinations of the coastal road.



Along the road there are several similar secluded and peaceful bays with golden sand beaches. In recent years, Bai Bau is considered one of the most attractive of those bay beaches.

Bai Bau lies the north of Song Cau District - Phu Yen Province about 1km long beach, surrounded by two mountain ranges jutting into the sea is the first impression visitors get.


Which is a beauty charming, shady trees, aquarium, coral rockery ... with the miniatures as the houses along the forest floor ... bai Bau attracts tourists with many exciting activities. Visitors to this place, besides bathing can jump white-water rafting, fishing, hiking, relaxing. Nowadays, a tourist services for catering visitors has been built with various options.  For example visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of seafood specialties at Bai Bau.


Address: Highway 1D village 2 - Xuan Hai, Song Cau District - Phu Yen

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