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Located 3 kilometers far from the center of Quy Nhon city, Ghenh Rang site has been listed as national monument in 1991 by the Ministry of Culture and Information and is considered to be the most scenic in Binh Dinh province. The undulating mountain rocks, sprawling among thousands of waves layers; the grass is wet after the sudden rain, the sea is blue near fine sand. All create a pristine, a charming and romantic Ghenh Rang.


Câu cá ngày biển động tại bãi tắm Tiên Sa

Ghenh Rang is a chain of mountain of Xuan Van mountain range running to the seashore south of Quy Nhon city. The ideal starting point to explore this scene are beaches stretching from An Duong Vuong street to Han Mac Tu street, where there is a welcome gate to  Ghenh Rang.


Along the coast, tourists can explore the lives of the people working as fishermens or sunbathing on the fine sand, listening to the whispering waves in the afternoon.



From the welcome gate to Ghenh Rang, the road takes visitors up to Thi Nhan Hill to visit the resting place of poet Han Mac Tu. It is a tomb built on a high mound, with its back leaning against the mountains, facing the sea, surrounded by trees evoking his life and the unfinished pages of the talented.


Those who love Han Mac Tu’s poems know that in the last years of his life, the poet lived with leprosy, a deadly illness in Quy Hoa camp. It is the natural beauty of Ghenh Rang that fueled his inspiration to write up the immortal poems before passing away.

Today, to commemorate his contributions, by Thi Nhan hillside exhibit the life and poetry of this famous poet. There also exists the unique Zu Kha fire service recording his famous poems on rustic wood fibers as a gift showing deep gratitude to those who love Han Mac Tu’s poems.



Khung cảnh hữu tình dọc bờ biển đường An Dương Vương kéo dài đến khu du lịch Ghềnh Ráng

Khám phá cuộc sống của người dân bản địa.

Mộ thi sĩ Hàn Mặc Tử nằm bình yên giữa đất trời, cỏ cây

Walking on winding dirt roads along mountain side, visitors will admire the wonderful sculptures created by nature. 


It is Queen Beach with mountain rocks in various shapes and sizes. It is Bai Da Trung approximately more than 100 square meters with smooth surfaced circle stones as egg playing with the waves. It is also Vong Phu stone carved by waves and sea breeze looking like the wife waiting for her husband. Also, it is a mighty lion-shaped rock standing still in front of severe climate of the East Sea, ect.


Walking about 1,000 meters further, visitors will reach Tien Sa beach. This is also the ending point of the journey discovering Ghenh Rang with a legendary story.


Gian hàng trưng bày thơ Hàn Mặc Tử bằng bút lửa của nghệ nhân Dzũ Kha

It is said that once uopn a time, ther was a beautiful and modest girl in Bong Son. She and a man in the village were in love to each other. But rumors of her beauty reached the ears a member of a cruel official. He secretly kept track and found all ways to get married to her. To be faithful to her lover, she sadly said farawell to her parents and left the village to find way to Quy Nhon City.


Knowing that news, the official immediately had his soldiers chase her. When they reached Ghenh Rang, she disappeared in the stormy rain. They ransacked the place but found no trace of her; therefore, they thought that the girl had risked jumping into the sea.


Losing his girlfriend, the man climbed over all the rocks calling his lover. He earnest call rang across the mountains and the sea, but in the darkness, he just saw the looming hidden shade of his lover, when flowing in the forest, bobbing in the waves.




From that time, whenver the lightnings flash on Ghenh Rang, people in the area look up the sky looking for her looming shape, so this place is called Ghenh Rang - Tien Sa ...



Sóng biển nô đùa trên bãi Đá Trứng.

Khối đá núi có hình thù kỳ dị tại bãi tắm Hoàng Hậu.

Đá vọng phu

For those who prefer adventure, it is interesting for them to have a trekking trip or climbing to the top of Xuan Van to have an overview of Quy Nhon city: on the south is the mountain range running along the coast to Quy Hoa, on the north is the golden sand along sea and houses in Quy Nhon city, on the east and west is the sea and Phuong Mai Peninsula, Thi Nai Lagoon, etc.

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